I used to have high reverence for people who ran for public office.  They do give up a lot and in some instances are not even paid for their service. I no longer feel that way.  I've seen far to many who are doing it for motivations that have nothing to do with "service".

Now, Councilman Todd Klein has announced he will not run for re-election and I'll be happy to hold the door open for him.

Councilman Klein visited us on the RockShow and he seemed like a really good guy, like fresh blood and a new perspective on our local government.  Then, nothing happened.  Nothing.  If this guy was to list his achievements of what was accomplished while he was on the City Council, I'm pretty sure you'd have a blank sheet of paper.  Maybe that was his goal to "do no harm".  Then again, his attitude during the LP&L debacles was awful. Whether he meant it or not, he really came off as saying "tough shi!t if you don't like it".

Now, I wish the guy well and I really hope he finds whatever made us thought he was a good dude again.  BUT, and yes that's a "BIG BUT" it's far more likely that he used these years on the city council as a stepping stone to ruin some other political office.  I just hope everyone remembers his mico-list of accomplishments.