I have a mini-treasure trove here for you! If you're lazy or cheap, I have the original movie "Willard" in it's entirety for you. I also have the trailer and a weird video from the reboot for you. You have to understand that the original movie "Willard" was landmark. It was so landmark that it spawned a sequel (which didn't happen that often in those days). The sequel even featured the theme song "Ben" performed by Micheal Jackson.  It's also the perfect horror movie to 'celebrate' Bosses Day!  More after the jump.


One of the reasons the "Willard" works so well as a movie is that it only stretches reality a tiny bit.  A put upon guy trains rats to do his bidding.  It shouldn't be too hard to train rats, now should it?  Just a little food and they'll do as they're told.  Sounds plausible?  Welcome to the world of "Willard".  The original movie is a tiny bit more 'touching' while the second can be a bit more brutal.  If you're looking for a Halloween movie, rent the 2003 version of "Willard

Here's the full original movie:

Here's the trailer from the 2003 version:

Here is a creepy-ass video that Crispin Glover did for the dvd extras: