Yes, for we so loved you so much, we want you to win a t-shirt.  Yes, that may be the clumsiest sentence ever, but the sentiment is true.  We're packed with "RockShow" tees and we kick off one of our favorite giveaways tomorrow.  Get a head start on the quiz by clicking through.

We try to keep "Win A T-Shirt Trivia" pretty simple.  It's about to get even simpler for you.  Our question tomorrow will be "What was the last song that Nirvana ever played live?".  It's actually a pretty well known bit of trivia.  You can even Google the answer.  So, go get your knowledge, then join us Thursday morning at 9:05.  Then, join us every weekday at 9:05 because the questions are usually even easier than this one.  Good luck and thanks for rocking with "The RockShow"