Yeppers it's time to pass the loot!  Just in time for the holidays you can score some major coin right off the radio and interweb.  Hey you rock with the radio and check out our web page anyways, why not get paid!  More after the jump!

RockShow Dough is back with two chances every weekday to win $1000.  Sound good?  Not as good as $10,000!  YES!  BIG NAKED DRUNK PARTY MONEY!  You can sign up for $10,000 if you are a VIP/Bombsquad member.  How do you like some of that?

To play the daily on air game all you have to do is listen for the cue to call and be the 25th in to win. Now, wouldn't it be cool if you had some type of unfair advantage that kept you on your toes so you could no about "when' those chances are going to be?  That's where the RockShow comes in.  Each weekday at 7:35 the RockShow will tell you about when the chances to win will happen.  Now in the event that we'll be getting one or more winners before 7:30, we'll hip you at 6:35 for the first giveaway and at 7:35 for the next one.

You can win everyday in November. Tune in everyday for RockShow dough from Ashley Furniture Home Store and on FMX!