The on-air giveaways for The 31st FMX Birthday Bash and X-Fest 9 start this Thursday.  Do you know how to win and if given a choice which concert would you go to?  We can help you with these and other questions after the jump.

We now have an embarrassment of riches with the FMX Birthday Bash and X-Fest 9 on April 20th

and April 21st back to back. It's simply the biggest weekend in rock, in Lubbock, ever!  Here's how it's going to work.  When you hear the FMX Ticketmonster, be caller nine you'll be given a chance to "Pick-a-tickets".  You'll be able to choose which show you want to go to.  Just to keep things simple, you're choices will probably be presented as "Korn & Chevelle Friday" or "Godsmack & Staind Saturday". Of course, there's tons more happening at each show, but we want to help you make a decision quickly that you'll be happy with.

So, what does the FMX Ticketmonster sound like?  Check out this file:

We usually run the Ticketmonster between songs, but sometimes we throw it in the commercials, at the end of a set, or anywhere we have a chance to surprise you.  Our request line numbers are 770-KFMX (770-5369) or 1-800-677-KFMX.

Get read to win this Thursday and sign up for online giveaways right now.