28-year-old Emily Good of Rochester, New York, saw a man being handcuffed during a traffic stop on the street outside her home. She decided to start filming the incident, which by the way is perfectly legal.

The police officer who was making the arrest is named Mario Masic. He wasn't happy with Emily making a video, so he asked her to stop recording and go inside. She refused, which again is perfectly legal, so he then TOLD her to stop recording and go inside. She didn't. That's when Mario stopped worrying about the HANDCUFFED SUSPECT HE WAS ALREADY ARRESTING, AND LET HIM GO SO HE COULD ARREST EMILY!

This dick actually released a man he had in custody to arrest a woman for standing in her yard and filming, which again, it's perfectly legal to film something going on in a public street, even an arrest. The officer says that he felt THREATENED and UNSAFE with her on her lawn, recording him. Threatened? By a lady with a camera? Please.

She was officially charged with second-degree obstructing governmental administration, which we all know is a bulls#!t charge. Anyway, here's the video.