We can all remember trick or treating as a child and how candy and what we got varied from house to house. Some would splurge and get the good stuff like Snickers, Twix, M&M's and other tasty treats. Some gave out treats that were so foul and down right mean that you wanted to go back and egg that persons house. We decided to compile the list of worst candy and other things that you could get on Halloween. Let's hope no child will have to suffer through these this year.

  • Peanut Butter Taffy

    Wes Nessman's Pick

    How did anyone ever enjoy Mary Jane's? I'm not talking about a Half Baked version but rather the terrible tasting candy. Wes said this is easily the worst candy on the market today. They can't even sell you on the packaging. Give these candies to someone you really don't like.

    New England Confectionery/Amazon
  • Toothbrush

    Heathen's Pick

    There was always that one house that decided it would be smart to put a toothbrush into everyone's bag on Halloween. It will help you avoid getting a cavity they would always say. Heathen would like to go back in time and sucker punch that person.

    oskay, Flickr
  • Apple With Razorblades

    Painman's Pick

    We were always warned of the crazies who would hide razor blades into Halloween candy. Painman went super horrible on us and gave us the razor blades along with fruit. Two things kids don't want in their bag at the end of the night.

    ScottFeldstein, Flickr
  • Rotten Candy Apple

    Driver's Pick

    The picture we used for this one looks delicious. Driver on the other hand gave us an imagine in our head that we can't unsee. Someone hands you a delicious looking candy apple and you take a big bite only to find it's rotten. Thanks to Driver and Painman, we're steering clear of apples until the new year.

    HeatherHeatherHeather, Flickr
  • Circus Peanuts

    Rooster's Pick

    How and why exactly are these still being made. No one should eat a circus peanut. The only acceptable use for the circus peanut now should be for packaging.

    KateMonkey, Flickr
  • Black Licorice

    Dale's Pick (The Boss)

    It's the evil step brother to the delicious cherry licorice. Black licorice is enjoyed by a very small percentage of people who have crazy taste buds. It also seems like it's only the older generations who enjoy black licorice. They'll be no BlackJack gum or Crows in Halloween bags this year.

    ungard, Flickr
  • Pennies

    Bob W's Pick (Digital Guy)

    It's a rare occasion that someone would turn down getting money handed to them. That's not the case with our digital guy who would rather give back the pennies that take them. At the end of the night you might make a charitable donation to the "take a penny, leave a penny tray" at the 7-11.

    puuikibeach, Flickr