Let me rephrase the question a bit.  Would you stand in a crowd of say a hundred thousand people and watch someone die because they didn't have $30,000.00? $30K is the average cost of emergency appendectomy surgery.  If you appendix goes wonkers and you don't get it out, you die.

Nessmania/King Nothing

I don't have $30K and I think it's a pretty safe bet that you don't have $30K either.  A lot of us have insurance to cover us when things like this come up.  Not only do they pick up most of the bill, they sometimes negotiate for lower rates and so on.  A lot of people like to bitch about insurance but the industry does do some good as well as pay some bills.

I don't know much about the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.  I just know that if somebody said, if you and a hundred thousand people pitch in thirty cents it will save someones life, then I'm going change diving in the couch cushions.  It just seems that if I'm going to pay tax dollars or buy insurance I'd rather that money go to help people be healthy and fed than most other uses.

So people don't like to be "forced" to buy insurance. Instead the selfish bastards go ring up exorbitant emergency room visits and those costs are passed onto the rest of us just so they can be pig-headed.  Do you REALLY understand what's going on here?  They scream "socialism" and "fascism" and then the rest of us have to pay their hospital bills.  That doesn't even make sense on the most basic level. How about this; those people who don't want like Obamacare can check a little box keeping them out of the program, BUT, they can be denied service at any health facility without a credit check?  I wonder how strong their stand against having insurance will be when they're bleeding out?

Then there are those people who say "I don't want to pay for some lowlifes healthcare, I've got enough bills of my own".  Well, I don't want to pay for the road your stupid ass takes to work. I'd rather not pay for the police and firemen who can save your miserable life.  I don't want to help Social Security keep your racist used up grandpa alive another day. Sorry, we can't pick and choose every little thing that is done for the benefit of the whole.

I have a musician friend who bought insurance on the open exchange. Due to back surgery he couldn't ever get it.  He just had his first ever physical and came out pretty good.  He has to go on a cheap cholesterol drug but that's about it.  Now think about this, had he not gone and got that now inexpensive checkup, he was likely on the way to some kind of surgery for arterial blockage or some kind of stroke.  So, his ability to pay a little in allowed him to avoid sticking us with probably about a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills.  How does this NOT make sense?

Anyways, I didn't want this blog to be about Obamacare specifically.  I wanted it to be about outrageous hospital bills and basic human needs.  It seems to me that politicians have us focused on wars and scandals and infighting when it should really be about helping each other. If that makes me a socialist or liberal or whatever, I'll own it. I am not an expert on Obamacare and I really don't care if you keyboard junkies have "done research" or even stood on your head while spinning plates,  the point is, that we shouldn't let someone die over a hospital bill. Maybe the Affordable Care Act won't work, or maybe it will, but SOMETHING has to be done because what we have now is simply NOT working.