Local news stations are full of knuckleheads. When it comes to 'on the scene' reporters, double knuckleheads. When you get to local t.v. morning show hots, double-triple knuckleheads. All of these folks are trying to make it to the big time and most fail miserably, thanks a bunch of the time, to you photobombing them. Now, that's just a portion of the time, a lot of the time they don't need any help looking ridiculous. Check out a GREAT highlight reel after the jump.


Let's be very clear-there's is no law giving t.v. the right to close down a scene or ask you to leave the vicinity of a live shot. You can get behind them and dance, yell 'hi mom' or do whatever you want.  Common courtesy says that you might want to let them do their job, but do you think they'd have common courtesy if they had a chance to film you doing something stupid if it benefited them?  I'm calling for serious Lubbock news PHOTOBOMBING!  Let's make the highlight reel next year.  Here you go: