Joe Bob Briggs (Drive In Movie Critic from back in the day) was once asked, "how do you become a writer?" and his answer was "write".  He offered an explanation after that, but I'll go ahead and veer off that road now so I don't misquote him further.  Like anything else, if you write on a regular basis and make it a point to write, eventually you'll get better. I'm not saying good, but I'm saying better.

Rooster Gets A Lesson On Blogging

These days it's part of most radio persons jobs to write.  No big to me, I enjoy doing it.  In fact, some parts of it are more fun than radio itself.   My writing doesn't have to be exclusively on bands or music, but about whatever topic interests me that day.  I am allowed the latitude to say whatever dumbass thing I wish to say in my blogs just like I am on the air.  That's not to say I wouldn't be held accountable if I wrote something really hateful, it's just they trust me to do the job and so far, so good.

So what's the results of this?  Well our pages are enormously popular.  We are so far ahead of any radio station in this area that we can't even see them in our rear view mirrors. We also get people who don't listen to the station who post hateful stuff for no other reason than they "dropped by".   The point is, the formula works or we wouldn't get some many likes AND so much hateful stuff.  The fact is, when someone writes "Wes You Suck" on our page, I think "Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching".  It doesn't matter if you like me or hate me, as long as you came by in the first place.

Now I'm also not taking credit for the popularity of the pages, it's the fact that we cover so many areas is what makes it work. So if you're part of the FMX page or Facebook, you're going to get some awesome music news from Driver, Rooster, Loudwire and our national feeds.  I will continue to write about music when I feel like it, but about everything and anything else when the whim strikes me. In other words, sorry, if our feeds don't look like a regular radio stations, that's why ours are MORE popular.