I'm sure we can all agree that drinking and driving is dangerous, period. We have all seen stories on the news of horrific traffic accidents where people have lost their lives because someone got behind the wheel after only having "a few beers."

I'm willing to bet many of us even know someone (or know someone who knows someone) who has been arrested for DWI. It's something that in someway or another has touched every single one of us.

Here's a new twist on DUI though, Charles Larkin Cowart of Bunnell, Florida was arrested recently, after being spotted by surveillance camera as he rode a horse around town blocking traffic and being disruptive.

Cowart was arrested after leading the police on a low speed charge around town and charged with Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest without violence, aggravated fleeing and eluding, petty theft, and cruelty to animals.

When officers attempted to "pull"over Cowart and ordered him to dismount his horse, Wiley Coyote(that's really the horses name)  the horse reared back in an aggressive manner and the chase was on...