Yes, the back story for the Alfred Hitchcock classic "Psycho" has now been re-magined for series television. "The Bates Motel" starts on Monday on 18th on A & E. More after the jump.

Yes, you'll remember Freddy Highmore from his stint as Charlie in the Johnny Depp version of "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory". He's now playing the mother loving son of Mrs. Bates. A & E has released the first six minutes of the t.v. series to get you hooked and it looks pretty good. Vera Farmiga plays Norman's mother and she's kind of hot. The rest of the cast for this outing has been positioned as "young" "hot" and "edgy", so they may be going for a "Scream" meets "Psycho" kind of thing. I personally am going to give both this and the Hannibal Lector series a shot. The show starts this coming Monday night. Check it out: