The RockShow loves to rock a food buffet every now and then.  I like to pick on Heathen because he tends to get hard boiled eggs.  I don't know why, but with a million choices in front of you it just seems weird to me that a person would get something as plain as hard boiled eggs.  The kid just loves hard boiled eggs and that's all there is to it.  It was for that reason that I brought up the latest in 'hard boiled egg' technology for him.  More after the jump.

So there are a million kitchen gadgets out there and they finally put on together for you people who just can't get enough hardboiled eggs (I guess there's probably a few other than Heathen out there).  So add this to the funnel cake maker, the bacon presses and your can now have eggies!  Check out the info-mercial below!