So the big Lion's Pancake Festival was this weekend.  I didn't think I was going to make it.  Rooster was the stations "official" representative.  I just woke up early Saturday and thought I'd go down and see if they needed any help.  Now the Lion's have their "V.I.P." grill and that's usually where folks like me get stationed. 


The V.I.P. grill in the early morning is more of what I'd call "The Political Grill".   The people from t.v. tend to not come out until later so the grill is full of councilmen, city officials and whatnot.  So as I mentioned, I wasn't on 'the schedule' but the Lion's are smart enough to not turn down free help.  Now I can't give you exact rundown of those whole day, but I cooked for about 90 minutes on the "V.I.P" grill, then went down and cooked at a regular grill (I'm much more comfortable there).  I can tell you that Councilman Klein cannot cook pancakes and was still in the "be seen" mode from his run in politics. He was also a crappy flipper.   I can also tell you that the Sheriff came to work.  He rocked the grill.  Councilman Neugebaur was there to be seen of course.  I didn't watch him much, because I really would have liked to jam his head into the grill until he looked like "Two-Face" from Batman, but he didn't seem to be paying attention to what he was doing.  I cooked with legendary radio man Rick Gilbert, who came to work, as did radio owner Dave Walker (I knew him from when KCBD was worth a damn).

I guess when you get down to it, I'm a good pancake cook and bad at my real job.  I probably should visit and politic some more, but I think the Lion's are a great group of guys and the people who support them deserve quality pancakes.  When I get down there I get my head in the grill and that's what I do.  I'd like to thank the Lion's for the annual invite and thank all of you who came down to support the event. It truly is a piece of "Lubbock".