I've noticed a trend that is kind of disturbing.  Instead of doing something about problems people either pretend they aren't happening or just try to wish them away.


The other day a report came out listening Lubbock as the #6 most dangerous city in America. On my Facebook feeds this was met with "naw-uh" and "if it was that dangerous you'd hear about it on the news".  Seriously?   Last night we had what appears to have been a murder-suicide and the night before we had three people involved in a stabbing of some sort.  How many incidences do you need to hear about where someone tries to forceably insert metal into another persons body before you believe, it MIGHT be a little dangerous around here?

The problem is that people try to "wish" this bad stuff away.  They pray, they hope it doesn't happen to them or they just ignore it.  Now, I'm not here to debate the power of prayer or positive thinking, but there comes a time when you got to get off your ass, recognize you have a problem and do something about it. Guess what Lubbock?  WE HAVE A PROBLEM and you can't just "WISH" it away.  We are having this violence everyday. We have missing people out there.  It is time to either step up and help the police and give the police the resources to help themselves.  I know some of you are suspect of the police, but apparently that "thing blue line" between you and the bad guys is getting thinner by the day.

It is simply amazing to me that people just brushed off this report like "no big deal".  If will be a "big deal" when it happens to you.