I had great fun with some blogs this weekend.  The funny thing is, there is always a person or two who pitches in "who cares?" or something to that effect.  Well, if you don't care, why are you taking the time to answer?


We very much appreciate everyone who interacts with our web page and our Facebook.  We try to write about everything that may interest our listeners.  With this many topics, there's bound to be a BUNCH that don't interest you.  With that said, I don't see why people get so upset when a topic doesn't concern them.  Furthermore, I don't see why it's so important to them to express WHY they don't care.  None of this is mandatory. No one "stole" your time-you were jacking around on Facebook already or you wouldn't have seen the question in the first place.  Next, we're all humans at FMX.  We express options that are no more or less important than anyone else.  Why let it bother you because the dum-dum d.j. expressed an opinion?  Us dum-dum d.j.s don't get mad when your grannies or cousins or somebody have an opinion.  Lighten up.  These Facebook interactions are for fun and if you don't find something that interests you this time, well hopefully we'll find something that will interest you next time.