I don't think I ever mentioned why I close each show with "Be Awesome To Each Other".  Even if I did, I think this one is worth a repeat.


I was thinking one day that all of the Ten Commandments could have been replaced with the "Golden Rule", you know, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  There are variations of the "Golden Rule" in almost every language.  My thought was, why not "do one better?".  If someone treats you nice, then treat them nicer. It's pretty simple.  Also, what is "not awesome"? Well murder, cheating, being a jerk to your mom and dad, pretty much all of the stuff in the Ten Commandments.  Mine is BETTER because it also covers the things the Ten Commandments don't cover because things like war, slavery  and rape are not awesome and not on the mythical tablets.

Yeah, it sounds like a slogan that "Bill & Ted" could have made up.  I probably should even change it to "Be Awesome To All Things", but I'll start with just getting people to be nice.