I tell you what, there must be a lot of creepy old men and a lot of women with zero self esteem running around this world. I understand if a woman wants to get breast implants, I understand if her man wants her to get breast implants.

I get if a single woman wants to get breast implants. I am fine with the entire idea of more boobs in this world. I do think there is a time to draw the line in how new boobs a funded though.

The other day I heard about a woman who sat on a motorcycle on a street corner in Ohio, dressed in leather pants and a swimsuit top holding a sign that said, " Not homeless. Need boobs."

And people actually GAVE HER MONEY. Even some of here former elementary teachers stopped to donate.

Today I heard about a website called myfreeimplants.com, basically women plead their cases to strange men in the hopes that they will pay for their implant surgery.

From reading the "terms" of what a woman has to do in order to qualify and be chose seem a bit sketchy, but hey I guess if you are really desperate for a boob job you will do whatever it takes.