Have you ever seen that display on your digital car radio with the name of the station you're listening to?  Most stations at least put up their call letters now.  Well that is called RDS. More after the them jump.

FMX was the first radio station with RDS  many moons ago.  However, after putting it up we just let it display "KFMX".  Well you may have noticed a few months back it started flashing "Lubbock's Rock Station 94.5 FMX".  Well now, we've went ahead and updated the feed and retrofitted it for older cars.   Those larger monitor type displays have been doing this all along, but now on older cars with simpler stereos you can now see song title and artist of what we're playing.  It's a pretty cool feature as long as you don't let it distract you.   For our part we're keeping things simple and entering all the information in in easy to read capital letters.  We hope you enjoy this updated feature very much and hope you continue rocking with FMX!