There are some people that have been waiting for this day since we first announced X-Fest 10. Well its finally here and I have your day already lined out for you.

We first start out at Ralph's Records at 82nd and Indiana from 1pm - 3pm with Shinedown. They will be signing autographs and all that good stuff and it costs nothing to you. All you have to do is show up and hang with Shinedown.

Then we head over to T & A's Bar And Chill 26th and Texas from 4pm - 7pm with Mike Driver, he will have all your details a little later.


And finally we head over to The Lonestar Amphitheater for X-Fest 10 with P.O.D., Three Days Grace and Shinedown with your doors opening at 6pm.

I hope you enjoy everything we are offering you on this killer day of hanging, signing, drinking and one sick rock show.