USA Today is reporting that there is a helium shortage! It's available, but prices are going through the roof.  Do you really want floaty things and the ability to talk funny that badly?  Read more after the break.I had no idea Helium was used for much other than balloons.  It turns out it's not only a funny gas, it's a useful one. Check out this blurb from USA Today:

The gas is used in a number of industries, including electronics and to cool hospital MRI machines, and as demand increases, the market is getting tighter, said Helen Carmichael, editor of trade journal Specialty Gas Report

So I guess you already know this information if you're already a subscriber to the "Specialty Gas Report" (admit it, you are). The bottom line to the story is, if you want Helium-you're going to have to pay bigtime!

So since it's so expensive to have helium balloons, I found a game where you can pop 'em for free!

And finally, as a side note, inhaling Helium CAN kill you. It's no joke. You breathe this stuff called Oxygen, and if you're just breathing Helium you'll die.  Seriously.