I've always wondered why so many people from Lubbock support U.T. The short answer is simple, they tend to win. Okay, big deal. You didn't go there, you don't know anyone who does and have probably never even been to Austin. I guess it gives them bragging rights for their friends who live outside of the state, but otherwise, it kind of doesn't even make sense.

I lived n Austin. U.T. treated me right.  The coaches dropped by and visited us in the media and representatives from the school were always cool and classy.  I even had someone from U.T. send me a shirt not long ago because of a blog I did. No one from Tech has ever done that for me.  Some of the local charities and t-shirt shops have hooked me up, but for the most part, Texas Tech ditched FMX after we helped bring their radio broadcasts up to a professional level. The point is, I have every reason to support U.T. and not Tech (and I'm not even going into the run ins I've had with thieving jackass frat boys).

So why do OTHER people support Texas? Well there's the aforementioned "bragging rights" but other than that a lot of that it's a lot of posing. It's just how they get attention in a town that's covered in Red & Black. They just enjoy going against the grain. Have you noticed that the time you hear the MOST about U.T. is not when U.T. is doing great, but when they are playing against Tech?  You'll notice it now.  Texas could "tie" for the Big 12 title, but you won't see these "supporters" talking about the Longhorns now that you no longer care.

Well, here's a sad fact for you Longhorn supporters.  Every dollar that goes through our local economy is "touched" by Texas Tech. I don't care if you work in a shop that sells Longhorn t-shirts, part of your salary went though the LOCAL university.  So, win or lose, Texas Tech helps feed your family. Let me put this in perspective.  Supporting the Longhorns in Lubbock is like working at United and shopping at Walmart.  You're not doing yourself any favors and you look kind of ridiculous.

Now, if you have a connection to U.T. or if you think Texas Tech has somehow "wronged you", you're support is understood, otherwise grow up and realize who butters your bread.