We've got to get out and support cool films more! Kick Ass 2, despite having great reviews, kind of tanked this past weekend. I personally was waiting for it on d.v.d. so I can watch it over and over and over again and I hope film makers take that kind of thing to heart. Now, this weekend, it's another entry in the "next level" horror film category hitting theaters.


If you haven't seen "Cabin In The Woods", then go do that right now. Get that done. It redefines the horror genre.  It also had a HUGE problem, in that they couldn't tell you what was really going on in the previews or it would have spoiled the whole movie for you.

For some reason, they're being a little misleading about "You're Next" and I don't know why.  If you look at the previews, it looks like a "home invasion" type horror/thriller, but it's not.  I really don't think I'm spoiling ANYTHING for you by telling you it's more like "Die Hard In A House".  A guess I'll leave it right there and just let you check out the preview.