Add this to the list of "Dumb Things Local Bands Do".  Charging too much for cover to their shows.  Yeah, you worked hard and deserve to get paid, but here's the question, are you trying to build a following or work a part time job?  If your answer is job, then go ahead and get all the cash you can now.

If you're trying to build a fan base, the cover charge keeps potential fans away.  Bobaflex is a band starting to get national notoriety. They've played Rock On The Range, Giagantour and have two songs on the radio.  The cover for their show (with three other bands) this weekend was $10.  Now, you want to charge almost as much for your local band that nobody has ever heard of?  This is just an example of mistakes bands make.

Most bands make a lot of their money on merchandise these days.  Get the fans into the show, get them pumped up, get them tipsy and sell them a cool t-shirt.  Get some dumb panties with something dumb written on them. Sell some shot glasses.  You could even, SELL THEM A C.D.

If you want to "make money at the door", start a cover band.