Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society did an interview with Music Radar.  In this interview Zakk compared Axl Rose to such greats as Elvis, Morrison, Mercury and Ozzy. Maybe at one time Axl was there at the yop of frontmen, but as his story goes he just faded out. And it doesn't help that Black Label Society will be touring with Guns N' Roses.

Here is quote taken from the interview and you can read the entire interview here.

Zakk: Yeah, that'll be amazing, too. I've been friends with Axl [Rose] for a long time. He's the last of the great frontmen. Seriously, who else is there? You had Elvis and Mick Jagger, then you had Jim Morrison and Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Ronnie Van Zandt, and of course you can't forget about Ozzy, David Lee Roth… After all them, Axl came out, and it was like, Wow! The ultimate frontman, you know? You've gotta give it up for Axl. Amazing songs, amazing production — "Appetite"'s one of the greatest records of all time. The guy's got the whole nine yards. As a frontman, nobody's come close to him since he busted out.