I hate to break it to you Italian Restaurant's but Zio's does it better. That's the easiest way to sum up our experience at Zio's.
I took a group of BIG eaters (including the remnants of the Band of Bellies) over to Zio's and we were spoiled. The atmosphere, the service and most of all the food were excellent. First off the atmosphere is just a little more homestyle and less corporate feeling than most. The service was excellent with waiters, managers and chef's that all seemed to be genuinely excited about working at Zio's.

Now, the food....Ohh man, where do I start. You know I judge a Chinese Restaurant by it's rice, so I wanted something somewhat traditional and simple at Zio's. I ordered a calzone that came to the table perfectly toasted and a little bigger than a football if you sliced it longways (I could only finish half). Kidd Manning has the largest portion of lasagna I had ever seen outside of a serving tray (and also took more than half home). Salesmen Ken had fish that was prepared perfectly. Big Bobby had chicken alfredo lasagna and Heathen and chicken alfredo.

The point being is that we got a pretty good representation of the menu and everything was excellent. I should also mention that we started with bread and house salads (that are tossed at the table) and finished with Italian Bread Pudding and Italian creme cake. I think a better compliment for Zio's would be "Impressive". I think "impressive" is better than "excellent". At Zio's you're going to have an experience that you're going to talk about for weeks.

Pictured below: Kidd Manning's giant lasagna with extra fresh Parmesan.