It's not just me that thinks the whole "Lubbock Walk Of Fame" is kind of a sham. My friend, the late Lew Dee told me, to never let anyone put his name on there. He knew it was a bunch of political nonsense and he was unhappy that a few select butt smoochers were honored before the really deserving in this town. If it was really about the best and brightest, where's Natalie Maines or Junior Medlow? And why wasn't Lew honored while he was alive and ahead of those on the wall?


So what other big star isn't mentioned on the Lubbock Walk Of Fame? How about Lubbock High School grad Zoe Britton? Zoe has been in over 100 magazines, in numerous films and gathers huge crowds where ever she goes. Also, she's a porn star. Why not? Let's celebrate this young ladies outstanding success! Zoe is actually a sweetie and has been known to pop back into town from time to time. I don't know half the names on the Walk Of Fame, but I know Zoe's!

Here's a little interview with Zoe. It's just a tiny bit racy in the language department, so you might want to be careful when watching it.