I like to 'stir it up' once in a while. One of my favorites was the 'zombie marching band' we entered in the '4th on Broadway' parade a few years back. It wasn't appreciated by some, but most saw the fun and sense of humor in it.  Read more after the break.

The 'First Friday Art Trail' continues to gain steam in the Depot District. It's a fun time for all and the art encompasses all levels and types of media. This past Friday we sent a crew of zombies, killers and even a psychotic clown on the trail to promote the RockShow's "Nightmare on 19th Street" haunted theme park. Reactions from most was very welcoming and some of the zombies were even drafted to dance to some Celtic music.

Our thanks to those who embraced this 'invasion' with the sense of fun that it was intended to be. We hope to invade other events in the future (we try to avoid those with little kids) and hope you will visit the ghouls at Nightmare on 19th Street.

Our thanks to S. Ward and MBF Photos for the shots