Summer is upon us and after the year we've all had, you may not be able to afford that trip to Vegas you had planned. That's okay. I've come up with a list of some great ways that you can vacation right here in your hometown.

1. Head over to Sonic and grab yourself a Cherry Limeade, except this time, drive around the building 5 times to show off your sweet ride instead of the average 2. Hell, you've got time! Why not 10 times around? Be sure to rev your engines as loud as possible. I heard somewhere that makes you extra cool and the ladies TOTALLY dig it.

2. Jump in the fountain at the Lubbock Tornado Memorial. When someone comes to stop you, just say "Excuse me sir, but this is a tornado of refreshment and I am enjoying my vacation." It didn't work for me, but it might work for you.

3. Take your kids to the old Hastings on 50th street, stare into the empty building through the glass door, and ponder its majesty. It's basically an artifact at this point and might make for an interesting "What did you do on your summer vacation?" report when school is back in session.

4. Drive from Dollar Tree to Dollar Tree, pick up various items, and ask the employees how much they cost. I hear they get a real kick out of it. If you have a few coins in your pocket for gas, you can even take this summer entertainment on the road to surrounding towns. Videos or it didn't happen...

5. Last but not least, you can always walk around the South Plains Mall eating a giant tub of popcorn while you gossip about what other people are wearing. Nothing more relaxing than that! Oh, and while you are there, be sure to stop by Chik-fil-A and see how many times you can get the employees to say "My pleasure."

Grade A, top choice, vacation fun.

Happy vacationing!


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