Welcome to Lubbock students. We love the energy and excitement that you bring to Lubbock.

Many of you students will find the ways of Lubbock strange, what with people being nice and all, but that's kind of how Lubbock people are. Most of you will have very fond memories of "doin' time in Lubbock" and speak with a mixture of love and derision. That's perfectly okay, that's how a lot of us feel about the place too.

We are far from perfect, but keep in mind, if you were sent here, you are too. You can adapt and have a great time here or sulk and spend years looking at your dorm walls. Hey, it's tough being ripped away from all that you loved in your hometown, but we'll give you a chance to make the best of it.

You'll find that Lubbock has tons of places to eat, more than it's share of concerts (especially compared to other towns this size) and it's not that hard to pick up a part-time gig for a little spending money (it also has some pretty good radio stations, I might add).

So I know everyone is giving you the happy-happy "Welcome Back Students!" but most of that is just a plea for your dollars. I wanted to put out the welcome mat in hopes that you'll be good neighbors too.  More of you than you think will end up living here or nearby, so you probably ought to start treating the place like home anyways.

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