I guess since so many people responded positively to this, I'll just tell it as I told it on air.

So here's how the story goes:

I'm leaving out details for a couple of reasons that I'll get to later. I was driving home the other day and I saw the flashing lights of a Lubbock Police Vehicle. I immediately thought, "sucker...somebody's getting a ticket". Then when I got close I saw a woman standing near the vehicle and I thought, "sucker....somebody is getting searched for weed".  When I got closer I saw a Lubbock Police Officer on his hands and news cranking a jack, helping the woman change a tire. Yeah, in 100-degree heat. 

Now the reasons I left out the time, the place or a description of the officer are simple. #1. I don't know if LPD is supposed to jump in like that, there might be insurance issues, priority issues or something else that keeps them from being roadside assistance. Reason #2. The next time you interact with a Lubbock Police Officer, I want you to think that maybe it's him. Maybe it's the guy that wakes up truly wanting to protect and serve his community.

Hit the reset button in your brain. Many times our only interaction with police is when we're screwing up or in some highly stressful situation. And to the one LPD officer, let's keep this between you, the driver and me; you're a good one, but so are so many others.

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