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Across the United States this week people will get vaccinated against the coronavirus. While the vaccine isn't rolling out as fast as the government and people would like, it does seem to be speeding up. Just this week in Lubbock, thousands are expected to show up to the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, after having made reservations, in order to get their first or even their second shot.

According to USA Today, a new poll shows that roughly 56% would get the Covid Vaccine as soon as they can. That's up 30% since October. The reason for the change in numbers? According to USA Today, the crowd that wanted to wait no longer wants to wait.

Most of the shift has come from those who were reluctant to get the vaccine until others had taken it first. Those who expressed that view made up 47% in October, 32% in December and just 22% now.

"When they first announced that the vaccine was available, I was a little bit hesitant," said Sandi Bethune, 71, a retired training manager for AT&T from Oakland, California. "I was never not going to get it, but I wanted to wait for a while and let some other people be the guinea pigs." Now, she said, "as soon as I can take it, I'm taking it."

So what about you? Are you ready to get vaccinated or do you want to wait? Or do you plan on never getting vaccinated against coronavirus? Let us know in today's poll.

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