Sixty days seems to be about how long we're going to be locked down. It may be shorter or longer, but let's just use this number for the sense of the discussion.

I only allow myself about an hour of t.v. a night. Sure, a couple of nights a week that becomes two, but, it kind of gave me the idea, "What shows could you watch to get you to the other end of this crisis?  Think about it, one episode a night, and're done with everything.

Here are some of my favorites, all are about an hour-long unless noted:

The Big Bang Theory has 279 half-hours

Beavis & Butthead 201 episodes of varying length

Boardwalk Empire 56 Episodes

Dexter 96 Episodes

Game Of Thrones 73 Episodes

King Of The Hill 259 (half-hour) Episodes

The Office 201 (half-hour) Episodes

Six Feet Under 26 Episodes

The Sopranos 86 Episodes

True Blood 80 Episodes

The X-Files 218 Episodes

Here's an extra fun one, there were 64 episodes of the Addams Family and 70 episodes of The Munsters (all half-hours). Watch an hour a night, and you're good!

Do you want a bigger challenge?

Mythbusters episodes run about 45 minutes, but there are 282 of them. Survivor has 582 hours so far!

Find a t.v. wave and ride it to the other side.


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