It's been 43 years since Black Sabbath released their self-titled album and "Paranoid" (both came out in 1970). Now, over FOUR DECADES, later they've finally scored a number on album in the U.S. The highest they've ever reached before this album was #8 when "Master Of Reality" hit in 1971.


Pushed along by the monster track "God Is Dead?", the Sab have brought metal back to the top of charts selling a 155,000 copies in the first week. Here's a better bit of trivia for you - not only was this the first #1 for Sabbath, it was the first ever for Ozzy, too.  None of Ozzy's solo albums ever charted higher than #3.

Reviews of the new album have been great too, but do yourself a favor. When you pick up or download your copy of "13," hook yourself up with the greatest hits collection "We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Roll".  Amazon has the (what was a) double album for $3.98. It's a steal.

Here's the lead video from the project.

And here's a cool "Behind the Scenes" bit with Geezer and Tommy Iommi:

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