I really wanted to call LP&L out for the wind-related power outages, because they should be prepared for this, shouldn't they?

You just cannot predict what the wind is going to do. I CAN NOT BE DONE. We had a thousand-pound metal sculpture on our box office at Nightmare. It had to be put up there with a forklift and a half dozen guys.  It had plenty of ventilation for the wind to go through and it was still blown off. In addition, I've seen entire buildings blown over and the stuff right next to it left untouched.

How are you going to prepare a powerline for a flying trampoline? As comedian Ron White says, "it's not the wind that's the problem, it's what's in the wind that's the problem".

I guess all of this goes without saying if you've lived here for a minute, but Saturday sucked and there's no one to blame but mother nature.