As parents we all want to believe everyone else think our kids are as awesome as we know they are, right?! But let's face it kids are kids and can be down right mean and cruel and not get the impact their actions can have on others.

Remember the movie Carrie where the popular boy asks the "weird girl" to prom girlfriend that his girlfriend put him up to. Like I said kids can be mean, really, really mean.

A young girl from Michigan faced a similar situation when kids from her high school elected her into the homecoming court, as a prank.

The the story of Whitney Kropp has since captured national attention and the young girl gained the support of her home town and from complete strangers.

Local shop owners banded together to provide Kropp with a complete makeover, dress, hair, the works so she and her boyfriend could attend homecoming and show the other kids that regardless of what they do to her or what they think she will overcome.

You Go Girl!

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