Super Tuesday: Get Out And Vote
Personally, I don't care what political party you support or which candidate you might stand with. I just want to remind you that voting takes place in Texas and ten other states for the 2016 Republican and Democratic primary elections on this Super Tuesday.
Bad Lip Reading: The Republican Debate
As if having Donald Trump leading in the polls for the Republican nominee wasn't funny enough, the guys at Bad Lip Reading decided to jump in and make it even more comical...I didn't think that was possible.
Texas Bill Looks to Punish Those Who Approve Gay Marriage
Representative Cecil Bell has put forth a bill that would take the salaries and benefits away from state and local employees who issue marriage licenses to gays.
Bell, a Republican lawmakers smells that change is in the air and he's trying to manipulate the issue through the backdoor.
The State Should Stay Out Of The U.I.L.’s Business
State Senator Charles Perry has a bone to pick with high school sports. he doesn't like it that, through some statistical flukes, that some winless or one win teams were making their districts playoffs.  First off, who cares?  Those teams will be eliminated quickly and those high scho…

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