The Red Chili Peppers continue to release double shots of unreleased material from their latest "I'm With You Project".  And....they're gone.  Yep, listen while you can, the songs are turning up online then quickly being yanked.   More after the jump.

The latest two tracks are "Magpies On Fire" and "Victorian Machinery".  As I may be the Chili Peppers number one fan in Lubbock, I can tell you that "Magpies" is a KEEPER, "Victorian Machinery" has really cool slow parts, but the stuff before that sounds like it wasn't real thought out or produced.  In fact, I'm hoping they'll steal these lines for a future song, and/or rewrite the crummy parts of the song and re-release it.

So my fellow Chili Peoples, check out the tracks before they get yanked again!