Just gettin back from Chicago seeing Volbeat at the House of Blues.... I know I've heard Wes say it many times but we are really lucky to be in the area we are to have rock shows. Seeing how they run shows at the HOB is crazy. seeing people wait in line for 45 mins in 25 degree weather because they had this deal called skip the line where if u spent $15 in merch from the HOB you could skip the line to form another huge ass line to get in faster. then when you finally get inside it is very much $8 a beer. they have security walkin around prolly 15 dudes makin sure your not takin pictures where if your caught you are escorted out. And NO moshing more dudes makin sure that doesn't take place. Volbeat was absolutely amazing they are setting the standards in heavy metal!.... I'm very thankful to be in lubbock and spend $3.50 a beer takes sum pics with my friends and mosh a lil bit.

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