If you're wondering what I did for Thanksgiving (which is highly unlikely), I'll tell you. I bought a bunch of cured meats, cheese spreads, crackers, and other random snack foods and built some charcuterie houses and friends.

I saw a few articles online with photos of them and thought they would be really fun to make. I figured I'd create some kind of gift to the artistic community based on the meticulous photos I'd seen online of meat masterpieces, all with the self-esteem one has after three glasses of wine. That is not quite what happened.

I got frustrated halfway through building mine and ate the roof. It was all downhill from there. It quickly became the home in the neighborhood that depreciates the value of its lovely neighboring homes.

My friend Sarah put a cute little red onion hobbit door on hers and actually used pretzel sticks like Lincoln Logs on the side. See below.

Chrissy Covington, 94.5 FMX
My friend Sarah's Charcuterie House (Chrissy Covington, 94.5 FMX)

My boyfriend's house was pretty structurally sound, and he dubbed it the "Sausage Cottage." Mine was just crackers, smeared with ugly cheese walls, poorly fastened together, and on the verge of being eaten.

I woke up the next morning with a bed full of crumbs, cheese in my hair, and wine-stained lips -- a glaring reminder of when it all went wrong.

Chrissy Covington, 94.5 FMX
Chrissy's Charcuterie House (Chrissy Covington, 94.5 FMX)

The charcuterie houses were pretty fun and I'm probably going to try them again soon to redeem myself. If you want to make them at home, you can head over to United or Market Street and pick up everything you need for them. There are a bazillion different interesting toppings you can use.

If you make one, I want to see it, so send me a photo through the FMX app, or post it in a comment on our Facebook page. Happy snacking!

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