A party is a party, right?

Dude to the weirdness of the pandemic, our 39th Birthday Bash starring In This Moment and Black Veil Brides was rescheduled for Friday, September 24th, 2021.

With 2021 actually being our 40th anniversary year, we need a 40th FMX Birthday Bash if at all possible (because the big 4-0 is kind of a big deal). So, if the show happens in 2021, that would be Bash number two.

This brings us to the traditional scheduling of the FMX Birthday Bash. Our actual birthday is January 18th, but there are very, very few bands out at that time, so we try to look at February. So if we got lucky, we'd have three Birthday Bashes in six months.

Let's double back to the 39th FMX Birthday Bash and the 40th FMX Birthday Bash for another teaser. It's very likely, but not for sure, that those two FMX Birthday Bashes will only be two weeks apart. Do you think you can handle that? We think you can.

We've seen you rock headline gigs at the United Supermarkets Arena within a week or so and, of course, the weekend when we had an FMX Birthday Bash one night and X-Fest the next.

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I'll once again stress to everyone to enjoy these acts when they come to town, because I think in 2022 that many of these bands will go back to just playing the big festivals. We need to show up and rock while these bands are willing to play in our own backyard. The more we turn up, the more they tell other bands how much Lubbock loves to rock.

Cross your fingers for the chance at three FMX Birthday Bashes in six months, but definitely three FMX Birthday Bashes in less than twelve months.

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