It seems like big companies are being subject to regular breaches of data that is all about us.

Equifax yesterday announced that up to 143 MILLION people, including people, right here in Lubbock may have been affected by the latest breach of their services. The breach occurred on July 29th, and yet we are just now hearing about it.

Our BFF’s at The Consumerist had this to say:

What was stolen?

This one is bad. The illicitly accessed data includes:

  • Names
  • Dates of birth
  • Addresses
  • Social Security numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers

That is, of course, basically the identity theft jackpot. Every account that needs verification asks for that exact set of data, so now anyone can be you.

Additionally, Equifax adds, another 209,000 customers had their credit card numbers stolen, and another 182,000 customers had “personal identifying information” listed from dispute documents.

So in short, this sucks, and it sucks bad. But Equifax will offer you credit monitoring that is basically worthless. (Because once you find out you have been hit, it is too late!) If you want to see if you have been affected and sing up for worthless credit monitoring CLICK HERE. BUT BE WARNED YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT 7-10 DAYS BEFORE YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE IT AND YOU HAD BETTER WRITE THE DATE ON A CALENDAR OR YOU WON'T GET ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!

BUT if you want to do things the right way if you have been a victim, then CLICK HERE to be taken to the FTC’s identity theft guide. Their advice is SO MUCH BETTER than anything Equifax could offer you, including using a credit freeze.

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