A few weeks ago I did a blog on a fight at the pre-season game between Raiders fans and 49er's fans, well it it has happened again this time though it was a Cowboy's fan at the season opener against the Jets in New York this past Sunday.This one has me really asking some questions of the security people at the game though... Reports are that a Cowboy fan used a stun gun on three Jets fans who got upset because the guy (Larry McKelvey) refused to stand during the national anthem or to be quiet during a moment of silence honoring the men and women who died in the attacks on our country on September 11, 2001.

McKelvey's defense for not standing or being quiet during the moment of silence was due to his religious views.

Here is my problem with this "defense" it's not just that he did not stand or that he talked during the moment of silence; but, he was on the phone while others where paying their respects to this country and to the men and women who died that day.

I have no problem with people who support a team other than the Titans... hell Woody is a DIE HARD Steeler's fan... I have no problem with people who have differing religious beliefs than I do, wear your jerseys, ready worship how you please, just RESPECT others and their beliefs as well if you EXPECT them to respect your rights!

I am not a Jets fan, so I am by no means taking sides but I can't help but think the "disrespect the Jets fans showed this guy had less to do with the fact that he was wearing a Cowboys jersey to the game and more to do with his totaly lack of respect for our country and for the lives lost on 9-11.

Here is a link to the story check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.