No doubt everyone of us has tried to lose a few pounds at some point in our lives. There are so many diets out there that you could try a different one every month for 5 years and never do the same one twice.

But, here is one I bet most people would be a bit unwilling to try, if only for the creepiness of the name.

Ready for it... The Tapeworm Diet... Yeah, I said it, TAPEWORM

It seems you can actually BUY tapeworms in pill form that you simply take by mouth with a glass of water and as it makes its way through your system it attaches itself and feeds as it goes down

Eventually the worm works its way all the way down and is ... Yeah too nasty to even go there...

Don't believe me check out this link and read about it for yourself... I do need to add this is not legal in The U.S. and not advisable even if it were.