This one is for all you pet owners. Ever walk out to get your morning paper, or check your mail and step in a heaping mound of doggy doo?

A Dallas area apartment complex is looking for ways to force dog owners to take responsibility for their dogs... mess...

How you might ask, well they require all pet owners to have DNA samples taken from their animal and then enter the information into the World Pet Registry, yes REALLY! Once the pet is "swabbed" information about the animal, shot records, medical records, and owner are all stored and can be used to help locate the owner of a lost dog, to identifying who's dog crapped in the yard.

Residents of the apartment can be fined up to $250.00 or even evicted if their darling is responsible for the poo.

Now the Dallas city counsel is discussing requiring all pet owners to register their animals in hopes of reducing what they say is millions of pounds of poop left on Dallas area streets.

Think about that next time you let your pooch poop in a public place and then you both walk away like you didn't realize fido had taken a dump.