Fresh off a "victory" very the evil Men's Warehouse (personally I like the place), Dave Mustaine is back on Twitter exposes the horrors of another modern day conspiracy theory.  This time, science pretty much says "shove it" Dave.  More after the jump.


Have you ever seen the water vapor "clouds" or "lines" that jets leave behind them?  They are called contrails, as in "condensation trails".  Somewhere along the lines conspiracy nuts got the idea that the government was spraying the atmosphere or us for some unknown reason and they refer to them as "chemtrails".  Now, it doesn't matter that there is absolute NO evidence whatsoever, there are people reading this right now who think I'm the stupid one. ANYTHING that was sprayed in the sky could be measured and tested.  Scientists, both amateur and pro have tested the contrails and have found them to be benign.  If you'd like, here's a Wikipedia article on it, and here's a better one from Rationalwiki. Here's another from a science website.

So Dave Mustaine is on Twitter saying "shame" on the pilots for spraying the "beautiful skies of San Diego" with the chemicals.  I am sure some of you can't wait to feverishly go searching for websites to prove him right, but sorry, I ain't buying it. The web is absolutely full of "proof" of things that aren't real and it's not cool to scare those people who don't understand the science of how things work. Furthermore you're telling me that a government that can't seem to figure out how a check works, somehow worked out a way to mind control an entire population?  Please, put your tin foil hat on already!

Contrails have been around as long as jet flight has been around. Nothing has changed chemically, population-wise or even mentally among us since jets were introduced to the skies.  The fact is, IF contrails were really chemtrails, they're doing a really, really crappy job of dosing us.

So for the second time in the last few days.  Dave Mustaine-shut up and play your guitar. 

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