Over the past few weeks I had the opportunity to interview Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine twice over the phone and this past Saturday the day of The Giganour I got to meet the man himself, face to face.

When I first told that I would be interviewing Dave Mustaine over the phone I was very nervous, not only is that man a legend in our industry, but there has always been a stero type of him not being very nice. As I quickly found out that was not the case. Dave Mustaine was not only a great guy but I can tell right away that he is a very intelligent and funny guy. Check out the audio from that first interview here.



It was a few weeks later that I got to interview him again and it was like talking to an old friend we got off topic several times and found ourselves chatting about several different topics about music and being a Texas. You can listen to the audio from that interview here.



When Saturday got here I was actually pretty mellow about the interview until I walked in the dressing room and saw Dave Mustaine sitting on a couch working on a guitar. He then stood up gave me a hug, shook my hand and said "Rooster, it's great to finally meet you my friend" and inside I was literally going nuts. We sat down and he was drinking coffee and offered me a beer which I gladly accepted to help calm my nerves a little bit. And then we proceeded to knock out another interview.


Meeting Dave Mustaine was one he coolest things that I have done. He is one of the coolest dudes and most appreciative men that I have met in my time in radio.

I hope you made it out to the show and saw The Gigantour 2013, all the bands were on top of their game but Megadeth was so tight and so amazing live that they were my pick of the best in show.