As if DOOM couldn’t be any more evil, turns out the developers slipped some subliminal Satanic symbolism into the soundtrack. Discovered by a Reddit user, when a certain part of DOOM’s soundtrack is put through a spectrogram, the number 666 comes up spaced out by pentagrams.

If you’ve already played the new DOOM, we guarantee you’ve white-knuckled your way through ridiculous demonic battles both in outer space and in the bowels of Hell. The game’s soundtrack is programmed to kick into high gear when heavy combat starts, mixing thick grooves with disgusting and heavily-processed electronic production.

Mick Gordon is the man to thank for DOOM’s revamped soundtrack. The Australian composer and sound designer created a perfect sonic atmosphere for DOOM, describing the process in detail via various ‘Behind the Music’ clips on YouTube. Gordon slipped a hint at 3:29 in ‘Behind the Music Part 2’ that there was more than meets the ear when it comes to the sound that accompanies the monsters.

In a track called “Cyberdemon” (named after the legendary DOOM boss) the number of the beast along with pentagram symbols have been manipulated into the cut. Truly brutal!

Gordon even shared his approval over the subliminal discovery:

DOOM has a long history of taking influence from metal music. Check out the clips below to see what we mean!