Lubbock never stops rocking, so it's no surprise thousands stormed the Lone Star Amphitheater to see Five Finger Death Punch tear up the stage.

The FMX Freakfest headliner ripped through a set that included "Lift Me Up," "Remember Everything" and "Burn MF."

Ivan Moody wasn't shy about putting his own stamp on the show. The singer told the sweaty crowd that "the guys in the yellow shirts" weren't their enemy, and urged the security staff to treat each kid that came over the railing like they were there own babies.

It was a tender moment during an otherwise bad-ass show.

Later, however, word made its way to the stage that crowdsurfing was being cracked down on. At least one person in the crowd claimed he was told he was crowdsurfing too much and needed to stop.

Moody took this as a challenge, telling the Lubbock crowd that they had to carry him all the way to the back during the song "Here to Die" then back to the stage without dropping him.

And they did: Moody performed nearly the entire song from the top of the crowd. It was an epic moment in an epic show.

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