France will no longer allow Muslim women to wear veils which has some  calling the ban "racist".

This is what I don't understand. Immigrants come to a country, then claim they aren't being treated fairly by that country. The answer is simple to me-GO HOME. France has  every right to enact  a law banning anyone from being "masked" in public. Those caught have to pay a fine or go to citizenship classes.  More importantly anyone who forces anyone else to wear a mask or veil is up for a huge fine ($43,000.oo) and up to a year in jail.  Here's a little bit more from USA Today:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy set the wheels in motion for the ban nearly two years ago, saying the veils imprison women and contradict this secular nation's values of dignity and equality.

France has become the first country to enact a ban and I give them a high five.  If you immigrate to a country it's up to you to assimilate with that culture, it is not up to that culture to change for you.  If the rules, culture and ways of your home country are THAT important to you, then see you!  I thought most people moved to other places to better their situations.  You're welcome to celebrate your culture all you want as long as it does not go contradictory to the customs of the home country.

Let's use an analogy.  If it was "customary" in your country to keep women chained in your basement, your new country has every right to say "we don't find this acceptable".  Now, what if the woman said, "I like being chained"?  The country still has the right to say that that type of behavior is contrary to values on which their law is based on.

Here's where things get extra janky. Protesters are not only calling for the ban to be lifted, they want Islamic law in France!  You have got to be kidding me.

Any thoughts from you?